Marcella's Magic Ointment - for bed sores Marcella was from the agency we used and helped Jeanne out a few times. But the biggest help she gave was this formula for an ointment she used for her nursing home patients. Base of Medseptic - order from Medline , A+D Diaper Rash Ointment - from Rite-Aid Triple Antibiotic Ointment - from Rite-Aid I would take a half jar of Medseptic, add a few scoops of A+D and a few squeezes of a Triple tube and stir it all up. This stuff is awesome, gets rid of heat and diaper rashes almost immediately. Jeanne said for several years that Marcella was a life saver because of this magic ointment. This ointment allowed me to keep her bed sores at bay during the years she was bedridden. Unfortunately, when she went into Kaiser Hospital for the 28 days before she died there they had no such discipline to handle her bed sores so that by the day she died she had bed sore fissures an inch deep with no treatment. It was sickening and Kaiser should be ashamed. --mike