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From: "Michael Barkley",
Subject: WTC stairwells - How many killed by Port Authority Greed?
Date: Sun, 25 Nov 2001 16:52:37 -0800

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Posted by Patrick J. McNierney on November 19, 2001 at 21:08:59:

In Reply to: Re: WTC stairwells - How many killed by Port Authority Greed? posted by Mike Barkley on
November 13, 2001 at 00:40:44:


Thank you for your compliment.

You said that I am "More objective than you..." I am also more knowledgeable and experienced than you on WTC issues.

I risked my own life, health and job in a way that, in concert with many other volunteers, assisted in the evacuation of seven survivors of the WTC.

What did you do except speculate on your so-called "Greed" of the Port Authoirty?

My father joined the PA in 1963 as an architect and his retirement was posponed due th the 1993 bombing. (He put in his paperwork in January and the Bomb went off in February.) The following Monday, he was provided with a cot, free food, his office in Tower 1 of the WTC to assist the repair efforts.

I guess you have nothing better to do than to find fault with others...and to use negative words like "Greed" and "House of Cards..."

Patrick J. McNierney, P.E.

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You are exactly correct. I have done nothing but question. Of course, that is because I am the ultimate consumer of Developers like the Port Authority and their engineers and architects. It is up to them whether, upon my entry into their projects, I proceed to safety or to my death. That makes me skeptical when confronted with a monstrosity like the WTC. I regret I could not be there to assist in the cleanup and rescue but even had I made the journey I would not have been allowed near Ground Zero.

I have continued accumulating WTC evacuation barrier quotes at . It's become more obvious to me that the locked doors are only a small part of it, that the real barrier was the ratio of stairwell space to occupancy, especially when combined with the local Fire Department's "high-rise 'defend-in-place' policy" that forbade rooftop evacuations and sent hundreds of firefighters up those stairways to certain death.

It's incredible to me that the Port Authority thought each tower needed 99 elevators, but that 3 (or 4) stairwells that would hold a *grand total* of 6 (or 8? or 10? depending on whose project description is correct) people abreast was sufficient to evacuate 25,000 people from 110 stories in a reasonable amount of time, that time being the usual one or two hour burn-through protection offered by conventional sheetrock. And leaving the evacuation of disabled people, including as it turned out aged, overweight, out of shape, or injured, to blind chance. It's incredible to me that the Fire Department Administration sent those firefighters on a climb that would take longer than those burn-through times, let alone to floors above the point where the water supply may have failed. I'm surprised at how many lessons were learned from the 1993 bombing, cataloged in the U.S. Fire Administration report at only to be ignored long enough to kill on September 11. I'm appalled at the way Mr Giuliani and his staff ignored the pleas of the 700 people on the top of Tower One for helicopter rescue--they said it wasn't safe, but it was apparently safe to send all those firefighters up the stairwells?

The Port Authority is the worst type of Developer, one without the control of local codes and local procedures, one allowed to develop a project of a size that far out-stripped rational limits of public safety, and one that is so arrogant it cannot see its own faults.

It's criminal.
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